Rainforest Milestone Cats

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RainForest Ruby Two Shoes

Ruby was a female F4 from ALC Kabuki, foundation queen of RainForest Bengals. Her son, RainForest Rubys Parting Gift was my first kitten/cat to win On Safari Best of the Best Bengal Kitten and multiple Breeders Choice Awards: Best Head, Best Eyes etc.

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RainForest Hamachi

Sire: OS RW SGC RainForest Wasabi
Dam: RainForest About Face
DOB: Spring 2010
HCM: parents & grandparents negative at older ages
PK-Deficiency  N/N Normal

This SBT Bengal kitten comes closest to our ideal than any other kitten we have produced in 17 years of breeding.  His head and eyes and nose leather look like an F1 or F2. Pictures just don’t do his captivating eyes justice. Even his ears and earset are reminiscent of the early generation Bengals and I find ears to be the most difficult feature. His black outlines are all selfed hairs (black from tip to skin).  He has a good flow to his pattern without vertical bars behind the shouldersl. He’s a sweet boy too.  HCM screened negative behind him 2-3 generations on both sides, some cats over 8 years old. An ALC Kabuki F6 and ALC Taro F6.

On Safari 2010 in Albuquerque, New Mexico
8th Best of the Congresses Bengal Kitten
Best Bengal Kitten in Judge Jay Bangle’s ring

Breeders’ Choice Wildest Looking Bengal Kitten
Breeders’ Choice Best Bengal Kitten Head

2010 TICA Annual in San Jose, California
Best Bengal Kitten & 5th Best Allbreed Kitten in show

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OS RW SGC RainForest Rubys Parting Gift “Buddy”

Sire: RainForest Molokai
Dam: RainForest Ruby Two Shoes.
DOBSpring 2008
HCM: dam negative at 8 yrs, sire negative at 6 yrs

What a fabulous male this boy is! I love him, especially for his sweetness.

He has his mother Ruby’s huge round eyes, beautiful head type, wonderful warm coloring; he is partially whited. It was a thrill for me to have other breeders recognize him at On Safari.  He has screened HCM negative, as have both parents and a couple of the grandparents and several of the great grandparents at older ages. Great structure.  He’s an ALC Kabuki F5.

2008 On Safari

Best of the Congresses Bengal Kitten
Best of the Congresses Male Kitten
Best Kitten in TICA Judge, Bobbie Tullo’s ring,

Breeders’ Choice:
Wildest Looking Bengal Kitten
Best Bengal Kitten
Best Male Bengal Kitten
Best Bengal Kitten Head
Best Bengal Kitten Eyes

In weekend show, Best Bengal kitten
2nd Best Allbreed Kitten
awarded 6 Best All Breed Kitten Finals.

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RW SGC Rainforest Raining In My Heart, 2009 On Safari Best Adult

Sire: RainForest Molokai
Dam: Awagati Grab Da Booty and Run
ALC Taro F4, Kabuki 6th Generation
DoB: October 2007
HCM: screened negative Fall 2008, 2009, 2011
PK-Deficiency:  Carrier
Eyes: screened clear

Regional Winner, TICA MidPacific Region,  2009-2010 & 2010-2011 in just two shows each season: 2nd Best Bengal, in top 20 Allbreed cats each year.

On Safari 2009 awards
Best Bengal Adult in the Congresses overall
Best Bengal Adult Female in Congresses
Oldest Championship Bengal Female at 2 years old, sponsored by Janet Erwin of Kattitude Bengals
Best Bengal adult in show, with 3 Best Cat AllBreed finals and 4 other Best Cat finals.

East of Eden 2011 show in Monterey, California
Best Bengal in the show with 3 Best AllBreed Cat finals.
won first “Charlie Award” in honor of Charlie Allen
Best Shorthair Cat in show, receiving the “Sonny Award”

I took ‘Raina’ to her first show at two years old; to the 2009 On Safari show, just to help fill the needed number of cats in the adult classes and she WON!  I was so shocked and thrilled. She has a very strong personality and is a major cuddler, but isn’t happy when being carried across the room here at home, nor does she like being “examined.”  I had always hesitated to show her, thinking she would be difficult for judges to handle. She turned out to be the perfectly behaved cat, appealing to many of the judges. She went on to receive her Quad Grand Championship in just 2 shows and her supreme in just 3.5 shows.

Raina is the one of the sweetest, most confident cats here, friendly with any stranger she meets and intensely tuned into me. She likes to paw thru and examine my hair just like any F1.  She has a tight unglittered, non-fading coat that glistens with such a high sheen that people think she is glittered.

A 4th generation cat from the ALC Taro descent, with a strong early generation look to her face & body, including partially whited underneath. She looks very similar to her great grandmother, Judith Lindeman’s F1, Bundas Shakti of Awagati Bengals.

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SGC Rainforest Taro Morongo of FromBengalHouse

(Owner Bart De Wit)
Best Adult Championship Cat at the 2012 “On Safari” in Belgium
Best of the Congresses Bengal Adult Male
Breeder’s Choice Best Marble Bengal Adult
Breeder’s Choice Best Bengal Adult Eyes

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IW RW SGC RainForest Lasya Ling of Poeticpaws

Female Brown Spotted Tabby, born 2/18/2012
Sire: Rainforest Kimosabe
Dam: Rainforest Ling Ling
PKD: N/N : screened at the Tierspital in Zurich – February 2013: normal
PK-def: N/N (normal through parentage)
PRA (UC Davis 2016): N/N (normal, no copy of the PRA-b mutation)
FeLV/FIV negative
HCM screening at the Tierspital in Zurich – February 2013: normal
HCM screening at the Tierspital in Bern – February 2014: normal
HCM screening at the Tierspital in Bern – June 2015: normal

(The following description courtesy Clive Ramsay of Poeticpaws)

The list of awards achieved by our beautiful IW RW SGC Rainforest Lasya Ling is impressive. Not only because Lasya Ling attained the highest level in the difficult TICA championship, but equally because the achievement was made in a short time. Furthermore Lasya Ling accomplished the kitten and adult championship in one and the same season!

2012-2013 TICA Show Season

Kitten Class:
3rd. Best Bengal Kitten “Belgium On Safari 2012”
Best Bengal Kitten: Europe South
5th. Best All Breed Kitten: Europe South
7th. Best Bengal kitten: International

Adult Class:
International Winner: 22nd. Best All Breed Cat and 8th. Best Shorthair
Regional Winner: 3rd. Best All Breed and Best Bengal Cat – Europe South
Supreme Grand Champion
Third Best Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal – International
Third Best Bengal – International

The title of International Winner was achieved at just 14 months of age.

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QGC PoeticPaws Aya Ling (bred/owned by Poeticpaws Bengals)

Female Brown Marbled Tabby, born 7/16/2013
Sire: IW RW SGC Batifoleurs Wild Magic
Dam: IW RW SGC Rainforest Lasya Ling
PK-def : N/N (normal through parentage)
PRA : (UC Davis 2016) : N/N (normal, no copy of the PRA-b mutation)
FeLV/FIV: negative
HCM screening at the Tierspital in Bern – July 2014: Normal
HCM screening at the Tierspital in Bern – June 2015: Normal

Supreme Champion – Fife
Quadruple Grand Champion – TICA
The Belgian On Safari Winner 2014:
– Best of the Congresses Bengal Adult Female
– Best of the Congresses Bengal Adults


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RainForest Border Incident

Border Incident was one of the first large outlined rosetted cats in the Bengal breed, Mother was Awagati Hot Salsa and her sire Joykatz Black Jag.

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