We post currently available kittens and adults on our Facebook page. Check there for information and photos. Also please read the additional information on this page regarding the process for purchasing, health screenings we do, and our commitment to every kitten or adult Bengal we place.

If you are interested in a RainForest Bengal for breeding purposes, please contact Jaen directly to discuss. 

If you are interested in a RainForest cat or kitten, please fill out the “Pre-Adoption Questionnaire” and email it to us to begin the process.

The following links are to documents that will be helpful in the care of your Bengal:

Genetic Health Testing:

To reduce the risk of passing on inherited defects, we only breed cats that have been screened. We test all our adults, some of our retirees and our kittens as is appropriate. We fully disclose results to our customers and the Bengal breeding community. Our honesty, ethics and activism have helped shape the trend in the Bengal breed to more widespread genetic health testing.

All of our adults and kittens have their eyes screened for feline juvenile cataracts, identified to be a problem in Bengals. Luckily this is not an affliction that affects their eyesight as an adult.

Since 2004, we have yearly tested our adults for HCM, which is an inherited fatal heart disease found in all cats called Hypertrophic Cardio-Myopathy. We are one of very few catteries in the world to guarantee our pet kittens up to 6 years of age against this disease. We believe our program to be primarily clear of this disease, due to years of testing retirees into older ages.

Commitment to Improving the Breed

We have belonged to The International Bengal Cat Society since 1994 and remain active in its projects to improve the breed. TIBCS is the oldest and largest Bengal organization dedicated to ensuring the future of the breed. We strictly abide by the TIBCS Code of Ethics and encourage all Bengal enthusiasts to join TIBCS, for the informative quarterly magazine, the Bengal Bulletin. We remain responsible to the kittens we have produced throughout their lives, should the need arise to rehome them, we will be there to help. We are a different kind of Bengal breeder than many others and we hold ourselves to high expectations. We believe our commitment to the breed ensures our kittens and their new homes have a greater chance of success for future happiness.

Kittens for Breeding Programs

Our conscious intention in breeding is to improve the breed. To that end, we tend to hold back our outstanding kittens to evaluate their potential, giving us better opportunity to only use & sell our best Bengal kittens for breeding. Look for the “Upcoming Breeder” label to identify these ‘cutting edge’ kittens. Occasionally they are made available as slightly older pets. Simply because we offer a particular kitten as a future breeder does not mean we will offer that kitten to anyone who intends to breed. Our kittens represent years of hard work and we wish to place them where they can contribute significantly to the breeding program and with breeders who are stable and committed to improving the breed. Contact us if you have interest in acquiring a RainForest Bengal. We only sell breeder kittens to members of The International Bengal Cat Society and to those who have a TICA registered cattery.

Deposit Policy

We encourage deposits to be made on kittens so that the kittens are reserved especially for you. Because the kitten is being taken off the market, that means we will not make an effort to sell this kitten to anyone else. If you should decide not to purchase a particular kitten by 6 weeks of age, we can move the deposit onto future litter. If you decide not to purchase a kitten after that age, we have basically “lost” the time needed to market the kitten properly so that the kitten leaves for his new home at 12 weeks along with his litter mates.

Therefore, all “deposits” or “partial payments” to hold Kittens are non refundable. However if, for any reason, we are not able to place the kitten with you, the deposit will be refunded. Deposits must be increased to 50% of the purchase price by the time the kitten reaches 8 weeks old.