Links: Bengal Clubs, Registries, Favorites

Our International Bengal Cat clubs & forums information comes to us from Anita H. Engebakken at Kimburu Bengals in Norway and from Hayja Taha-Perisa at Almaz Bengals in Australia.

Cat Registries & Resources

The International Cat Association – (TICA)

FIFe Federation Feline Francaise The obligatory France-only registry.

GCCF UK The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of United Kingdom

FASA – Feline Association South Australia

GCCFSA – The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia

Cat World – Forums, Breeders, Links, Articles & lots more! In Australia

Cats of Australia – Cat information, breeders, chat, forums, classifieds and more

Bengal Organizations

The International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS)

The International Bengal Cat Association (TIBBA) – Int – Int

Bengal Cat Association Denmark (BCAD) – Denmark

Bengal Cat Club – UK

Bengal Cat Club of Sweden (BCCS) – Sweden

Bengalkatten – Sweden (Norway, Iceland, Denmark)

Bengalklubben – Denmark

Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain (BCCGB) – GB

Cercke Felin du Bengal – France

Come In Bengal – Europe

IG Bengal – Switzerland, Austria, Germany

Koty Bengalskie – Poland

Suomen Bengalkissat ry – Finland



Bengal Forums

Bengals_L, large Bengal list since 1995 about everything  related to Bengal Cats.

Bengalcatgenes, a list about the genetics of Bengal Cats

Bengalcats and Foundations, a list devoted to early generation Bengals

Bengalphotos, a list storing pictures and for those who want to see photos

MarbleBengals, a list whose main focus is the marble Bengals

Whited cats, a list focused on achieving the whited under body

Bengal Cat Forums – English, UK

Bengalforum – Norwegian

Bengalforum – Swedish

Bengalen forum – Dutch NEW

HDW’s Chat Board for Bengal – English