Breeding quality Bengals since 1994
TIBCS Officer & activist since 2003

Pioneer in organizing health related programs
Initiated TIBCS Lightning Fund
Heritage Conservation Fund
RF Bengals screened 2-4 generations HCM negative
Won top awards at our national show “On SAFARI”:
2006 - Wildest Looking Bengal adult
2007 - Wildest Looking Bengal adult
2008 - Wildest Looking Bengal kitten &
Best Bengal kitten in show
2009 - Best Bengal adult in show
2010 – Wildest Looking Bengal Kitten &
Best Bengal alter in show
We met our first Bengal in 1993, watching in amazement as she flushed the toilet just to watch the water swirl down. Completely captivated by that first experience, we read every thing available about the breed at the time.... which wasn't much. Luckily we found and joined TIBCS, The International Bengal Cat Society which publishes the quarterly Bengal Bulletin. Since then the breed has grown in astronomical proportions.

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